Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seth and Summer Love

Back in the days, when I watched TV shows other than TFC, I used to watch The OC.
Admit it, it was a good show... then Marissa aka Mischa Barton left the show and screwed everything up. I don't know, she was not my favorite, but I lost interest when she left. 
My boredom got the best of me today. I went to Youtube and watched videos of one of my all time favorite tandems. Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) was classic.

I loooovvveeed them. I was so in love with the plot of their relationship in The OC. Summer hated Seth. Summer was the popular prom queen type of chic and Seth was a nerdy kind of guy. Summer has been Seth's long time crush, and eventually, Summer finds herself falling in love with Seth.

They were actually together in real life during the peak of my infatuation. Unfortunately, they eventually broke up, but nonetheless, I adored their chemistry. Adam Brody is hot and I love Rachel Bilson's style. It seems like they were such a fun couple.
I never got to finish the series and from the videos I watched, I found out, Seth and Summer actually got married in the show. They were a perfect match! I miss Seth and Summer all of a sudden. 

Seth Cohen is so my dream guy; witty, funny, cute, has the right level of cheesiness, kind of nerdy and good music taste. I promise, I am so in love with him. ((Sigh)) Where is my damn Seth Cohen?!?

Oh, don't get me wrong... I so won't mind if a Gerald Anderson comes along. 

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