Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Wish/fulthinking List

In DIRE need of this lens!  

I love dark nail polish! This one's amazing!

A hand torch and
 baking mat... simply because
 I want to cook complicated things.

This one's for working out.
No explanation needed on this MJ. 
I missed out in the first round of this release. 

Sunglasses and a watch are a must on my list every year.

That wireless remote will be so useful when everyone wants to be in the photo! 

Both of these earrings can be found in Shotwell; I love how it's so unique!!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Emily's List

I was going through some old stuff in attempt to set aside my trinket-y self and I found a list of why I SHOULDN'T go to Davis for college. This list was composed by Emily. She composed it when she used to wear white hoodies and when she had corn rows haha! She gave it to me year 2002 when she heard that I got accepted in UC Davis. I don't think Emily knew, but this list I treasure. When I was in Davis, this was posted in my room.

I was able to read it again tonight and it brings back so many memories. It's also amusing to think of how this list still represents us because we are still good friends and some of the "items" we planned to do then, we do now on a regular basis. To think that she really typed and thought of all of this really makes me appreciate it more. Because I am so amused by this list, I decided to share it here and write an entry in honor of Emily and her list.  So, I present... Emily's List BTW, I highlighted my favorites...


-Voltes 5: Jeniffer, Ruchell, Emily and Michelle
-Family: Dad, mom, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins, grandparents...
-Costco food
-Davis is way too far
-Phunhouse: Sherry, Christina and Christina
-Friends: Huna, ASG, Charley, Marian, Mika, and the other tree people
-In & Out burger
-I'd have to walk home until I graduate
-No more rides
-Birthday Blowouts
-Davis to San Lorenzo phone calls are long distance causing expensive phone bills
-Clubbin' when everyone turns 18
-If you go, you won't have arguments with Ruchell and we know how much you love them.
-Pho and pearl drinks
-We need someone like you to make us laugh because you're too funny that you can get corny
-Bayfair!! Stonridge, Valleyfair, Gilroy...
-I'll miss your coach bag
-If you go, no one will defend you for having uneven eyes
-San Lorenzo just so much fun
-Your house has the best food in the world
-If you go, V5 won't be as close
-That Guadalejara place
-I won't see your parents and sister as much
-V5's inside jokes
-No one will tell me their problems because it's always you who does... sometimes...
- You might not make it to both our twice a year picture taking in Oakland
-You'll miss secrets
-A ding A ding in the weeding!!!
-We need help with school stuff
-Mushroom beef
-The tsimis and gossip... hehe
-One less person V5 can laugh with and laugh at
- You'll miss out on our problems, our gimiks and laughter
-V5 can't go on a day without seeing your retarded face
-We need to hear you sing every now and then
-Davis sucks
- No one can flare their nose better than you 
-Living out there will cost a lot
-If you go, a lot of things are going to change
-Davis is up in the cuts baka ma-rape ka pa doon
-There will be one less person on our bench and you know the deal...
-We love you too much to let you go... na not really
-TFC: pangako, asap, and etc...
-We need you
-You need us too
-If you go, we won't have a ride to places and a van to fit
-If you stay, we'll be sure that you're near and safe
-Century 25, Krispy Kreme, jollibee and etc...
-Jack London: Old Spaghetti Factory and Hibachi
-Dinners at Olive Garden
-My text is limited so I can't text you every minute
-Our birthday videos and other videos we make for fun
-I need an understanding, super dee-duper friend like you
-You're too cool for Davis
-No more DVDs to borrow (Even though I don't have a DVD player...)
-I won't be dialing 481-**** and my fingers need that exercise
-Davis is only for losers... oh wait, then you belong there...
-Ethan, Cameron, and Boo boo
-We might talk crap about you... haha... you'll never know unless you stay
-Barbeque, picnics, parties...
-All that nature that surrounds Davis might give you allergies
-Making fun of people
-No one will get mad at you for driving too fast
-If you go all the way there, who's gonna have your back?
-We don't have directions to Davis
-Michelle can't drive that far and we don't have enough gas money
-Things won't be the same around here
-Last but not least: V5 will miss you so much.

--I love you to pieces,

Despite Emily's efforts, I decided to go to UC Davis...

But, I went back home after two years. No regrets.

Dear Emily,

      High school life was fun, wasn't it? I must say, V5 have some awesome memories. Your list reminds me of times when our lives were simple. I remember the days when we don't even have enough money for gas, when we shared one plate between the five of us and when Coach was our Chanel. Haha good times! I will forever be thankful for you and the rest of our friends. Us? Harsh? No way! haha I love you to pieces too, you gangsta Ems! Cheers to more memories!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Lucky, I'm in Love with My Best Friends...

Napa Valley, Viansa Winery-- A few years back; it's from 2006, assuming the date on the picture is correct.

Napa Valley, Viansa Winery-- May 16, 2010

The four of us have gone through so much. I find it amazing that our friendship is still going strong, but somehow, I know it will be no matter what. We can still finish each other's sentences, pile on the jokes only us four can understand, and we can still say that we are for life. God has been good to us. 

Jen is now married and both Emily and Ruchell is about to be. Time flies! But, I must admit I knew we will reach milestones like this together. I can't wait for more. There will come a time when we will tell our kids our stories in hopes to inspire them to find friendships like ours. 

Jen, Ruchell, and Emily... I ♥ you guys. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Addition

Decided to buy myself something nice...

All in all, this Carrera cost me $7... well... including some vintage GCs. That case got me. It's also super light. Aylavet!

The "it's about time" Rayban Wayfarers. This was a tough decision. I liked the oversized black ones as well, but ultimately decided to go for this one. It must have been that sleek case. 

Rayban's classic Aviators. I've been eyeing this one for a VERY long time. If I'm not mistaken since Sex and the City days. 

Ilagay na yang mga yan sa istante! 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here Comes the Sun... then the Rain... then Sun Again... it's Alright...

ROQCHAMPLE out in the city...

It all started with a fabulous lunch at Limon.

The weather was weird; it couldn't make up its mind. But all in all, sun won.

We ended up having grand desserts at Ghiradelli Square. We all agreed, we deserved it.

The next stop was a visit to uncle MJ. I purchased my San Francisco towel and one more Maripol ring in black. And guess what! I talked to WhyB! She was *eeh* that day. The mini shopping continued to Urban Outfitters. I was engrossed on one of the photography books then eventually realized the damn thing was made for teenagers. No purchasing happened. But, mRoq and Cham bought stuff. You guys "deserve it!"

Right next door from UO was Patxi's  and guess what! It was HAPPY HOUR!!! So, the three of us ended up having a glass of pinot grigio. Had a pizza snack to pick on and Cham got her olives and we all got a nice view of our cute server. I can't wait to go back... well, assuming I will get the same table and server. He looks so much better in person...

Never a dull moment with mRoq and Cham. Truly, good times!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Glass Control

Dad was super nice for purchasing and setting this cabinet up for me.

 I'm a huge fan of sunglasses.

I want to add these to the collection:

 These are Marc Jacobs; it's one of my favorites. I have this in brown. I want it in black though. I love the black and white stripes on the side.

Carrera-- In yellow and brown.

A major splurge will be:

Monday, March 22, 2010

These are the Times We All Wish For... as Dru Hill Says...

Philippines! Who would have thought all of us would actually go! HA!

Las Vegas! Oh... classic!

*All videos directed by yours truly =)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pierce as in Fierce

Yesterday, was one of those rare days; me, Wendy, Chella, and Jen were all off.

We started our day with breakfast at Brenda's (thanks, Yelp).

A little shopping followed.

And then a random thought that we acted upon...

And there's the final product!

The thought of getting the piercing came up randomly. Someone said "let's do it... today!" and that's that.  It was Jen's birthday present from me. It was supposed to be Wendy's birthday present as well, but she got hooked up since one of the workers at the place is her friend. I've always wanted to get what I got, so I'm happy about it. We missed Emily. We kept wondering what she would have gotten pierced if she was with us. We showed it to her afterwards and she labeled us "crazy." I don't blame you, girl, we are and I love it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The M.J.L.A. (Marc Jacobs Love Affair) Accessories Edition

A certain attraction exist between me and Marc Jacobs... well, I really don't know how the latter feels, but I certainly am smitten!

I really like MJ. Before I go on, may I remind you that I am referring to Marc Jacobs not Michael Jackson. This is sometimes a huge factor as to why I don't buy some Marc Jacobs items that simply has MJ on it. I am afraid people will think I am paying tribute to the King of Pop. That's Chica down the drain...

I like how MJ is not too formal. I mean, he can be, but I love how he can be a bid edgy, fun, or funky, or just plain odd.

 I love Marc Jacobs's accessories; one of the main reasons is that they are actually affordable and quite fun.

This pirate one is definitely one of my favorites!

Isn't this the most random thing? I love it! If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's called Knockout!

I intend to collect them all. Eyeing the I Love New York next.

Yes, indeed it's a necklace!

I'm a big fan of these!

I am addicted to that spiky one. Actually, I wear it so much that it's starting to break on me. However, I do have another one "in stock" in my jewelry drawer somewhere.

I have a thing for watches...


I love my MJ earrings! Again... it's Marc Jacobs! Can you imagine if someone interpreted that as Michael Jackson? Oh yeah, I love my Michael Jackson earrings and it plays "Heal the World" when you rub your ear....

Don't get me wrong people, I like Michael Jackson; I am in love with Marc Jacobs!