Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The other day, my mom scolded me for having too much mugs out from the cupboard. It's then that I realized that I maybe have a thing for mugs. So, then it's settled... I should label these, my collection...

Ahra purchased this M&M mug when she last went to Las Vegas.

I purchased this during my last birthday when I went to Disneyland

You probably recognized this one from my last post. Yup, from Team Manila... purchased from the PI.

In all honesty, I'm not even a Tigger fan. I bought this because I like it's size and color.

I bought this from Divisoria in PI. It has a LID and the APPLE adds a nice "personalized mug" feeling.

Yup, from Disneyland from my last birthday. I like how it's tall.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I have a few of them "give-away" mugs from cargo companies or bank companies. Well, here's my current favorite give-away mug. It's from Citibank and the gold and black makes it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fab PI Picks...

Upon unpacking, I realized I really didn't buy much in the Philippines, but here are a few of my favorite purchases:

Rafe and Team Manila collaborated in designing this shirt. It's for a good cause as well! This design was for men, but I like it. Leave me alone!

You just knew it! Of course I gotta have something Jose Rizal! I just recently realized that I'm a mug whore. I have proof. Watch out for that entry.

See, a mug freak indeed. The apple caught my attention and did I mention that it has a lid?!? A LID!!! Isn't that cleverawesome?

I purchased these shirts from Bench. This is its Pinoy Lab collection.

Check out the details! I like it!

Gotta have my magazines...

Pearl earrings! Cheap, but classic buys!

Pens are very crucial for my kind of job. Being a nurse, my pen has to be reliable and multi-colored. These were cheap and I would not wring my neck if one of my patients accidentally brings home one. Thank you, National Bookstore! I bought tons of these. The cashier probably thinks I'm weird.

The shirt is a design collaboration of Chuvaness and Bleach Catastrophe (Heather Miss Grey). I love it! and talk about comfort! You know I'm huge on that.

the small pocket in the front...

I wish I bought more shirts from this collection, but it was quite pricey. Though, I know I would wear it! Unfortunately, lack of time didn't allow me for a second trip to the store. *sad face

Trip Feat!

I'm quite the bum lately when it comes to blogging, I apologize. Though last month, a major feat has been accomplished by my best friends and I. We had planned to go to the Philippines together last year. It really is quite the hazy dream. After all, there's a lot of us, and it's not like it's another US city and it's definitely not a week long kind of vacation. The Philippines is far, and the trip would last for weeks; not to mention, a lot more money than the usual Vegas trip is needed. But you know what....


My friends are awesome! Who knew we will actually pull through?!? This was an amazing experience and I can't wait until we do it again. World, watch out!