Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jean Shock

Went to the city last Sunday and totally went jean crazy. It was a bargain though and so it leaves no excuse to refuse. Went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs shop in Fillmore. My goodness! I am totally in love with that store. It seems MJ and my bank account totally gang up on me when I am there. One of the highlights among my purchases was a light blue baggy jeans for $10. Yes! TEN DOLLARS! It fit quite well as well. I am happy with that one. Off to downtown! I was able to purchase two Levi's for $20 bux a pair. Hey! Levi's is classic and the fit was good. Lastly, went to Ruehl for a visit. Good fitting jean shorts are so hard to find, but I found 'em for $25. Yay! I guess my shopping for the Philippine wardrobe has started! I am so excited!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Little Things...

are expensive! I went on a quick rendezvous  at the good ol' San Francisco downtown with the MS the other day. I was on a mission and whatever that is, I failed... but not miserably, because I ran into some interesting ::raises eyebrows:: people that day. Another thing that makes it a pretty awesome day is that I purchased stuff that I am now in love with. L'Occitane....damn you! Why do you have so much cool stuff for so much money?!? 

The first purchase:
I first tried it at Yvette's place (thanks, cuz!) The smell is amazing! At $8 for such a small bottle, it's a bit pricey, but it totally makes my after work showers that much more refreshing. I had my mom smell it and she goes "Ay, herbal!" Oh well, I guess she prefers her papaya soap. 

Purchase #2:

Yes, I took the plunge. Ems and I have been dying to buy this, but its price was just a turn off. Lately, I've been really OCD with my hand washing. I'm starting to notice some major changes on my hands. Being a nurse, I lose count of how many times I wash my hands everyday (and keep in mind, each time is at least 15-30 seconds) My hands go through hell. I figured it deserves some major pampering. This hand cream totally provides that! I am using it quite sparingly though. Do you blame me? $10 for a 30 ml tube.... 'nuff said!

I want to buy:
How clever is that?!? A pillow mist... that is just smart! To think this thing is actually made for your pillows. I am tired of spraying perfumes on my pillows... this is really is it! It smells so good. Again, on the pricey side ($14) but... I don't know if I can resist any longer!