Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm never good at keeping new year's resolutions, but I'm very good in thinking of them. I think last year, mines was to eat more fruits. I did eat more, but eat more of everything, not just fruits. Yup, disaster, I tell yah! I think this year, I will keep it simple. I don't even know if I should call these "plans" of mines as resolutions. I think it's more of what I want to ideally do this coming year. Wait, is that the same as a new year's resolution then? Oh, well.

I hear a lot of buzz about feeling the recession more this coming 2009. Because of that, one of my resolutions/plans is to try to really save up. I'm getting a bit *scared* with all this economic threats we're having. I can't be working my butt off, but not see my bank account making progress.

I think another important one I should keep in mind this coming year is to be more confident. I lack that. I admit it. Sometimes, I can be quite good in "camouflaging" that, but it's true. I need to work on this, most especially when it comes to my work. I can't let people put me down. So, this year, I will work on being more of a bitch! Well, you know what I mean? Not a bitch, bitch, but you know, a hint of a bitch in my character.

Oh, yeah and then there's the fitness part. Wait, what is that word again? Yeah, maybe be friends with exercise again, after all, I'm not getting any younger. Sooner or later, I'm sure I'll be starting on some maintenance Lipitor or something, but I don't want to start THAT soon.

This coming year, I want to start looking for some schools. I want to go back and get my masters. I can't be on the floor forever and I want to teach. I have a knack in teaching, I think. Part of my 2009 plans is of course to travel. We'll see where 2009 will take me, but I will NEVER say no to Philippines. It's home.

((Sigh)) here I go again...yadda, yada, yada. I can be such an "alltalker." I warn you, don't dodge me if none of this so called 2009 plans pull through, but cheer me on, yah?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas used to be so Cool...

No, I haven't lost my Christmas spirit. I still look forward to it every year. I guess, I'm just a bit homesick. Nothing beats Pasko in the Philippines. It's just that there, it's FULL BLAST celebration. I remember the simbang gabi. Waking up at 5 am was something to look forward to. I always tried to make it to all 9 mornings of simbang gabi. I believe in the saying that you are entitled to one wish when you complete all 9 mornings. If I recall correctly, I can count some completion in my scoreboard. Who can resist the puto bumbong and bibingka right after mass?
When I was young, my friends and I go around our place to do some caroling. We usually make our own instruments to increase our appeal, thus increasing our chances in receiving a larger amount of money. We make the drums out of milk cans and plastic bags. We also use a bunch of flattened soda caps on a string. I must say, I now realized that life was so simple then. How I wish I can go back and whisper to my young self then to cherish those moments. ((sigh)) I wish I was in the Philippines now. I don't know, It's just that I'm sitting here and all I can think of is how Christmas here in the US seems so "blah"...or it can also just be me. It can be because it's only four days more until Christmas and really, I haven't done anything "Christmasey," but Christmas shopping. I'm no Scrooge. I promise...really. It's just that it seems like the Holidays have been really uneventful. Well, we'll see. Afterall, the gift giving has yet to be in full swing.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Super Betty!

My mom asked me to bring her to Bakesale Betty's today for lunch. She's a crispy chicken sandwich kind of gal and Bakesale Betty's have the best fried chicken sandwich ever, no doubt! Sooo not your typical $1 menu chicken sandwich. Well, first of all, it's not a $1, but every penny is so worth it. It is one of the best sandwich ever...ever! It comes with some slaw that should be named awesomeness because it is so damn good! We separated our slaw with our sandwiches because we like to keep our chicken crissspeeey.

There was a line out the door when we arrived, but the friendliness of the staff totally makes up for it. The line went by pretty fast too. While waiting in line, they passed slices of banana bread to everyone. It was sooo good. I'm not into banana bread and all, but I liked theirs. Before we ordered our sandwiches, we were given free warm, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Then, when we got our order, we were AGAIN given free lemon ices! Holy crap! This is the best place ever! I LOVE FREE STUFF! While eating, the line became insanely long. Yeah, it must be good...well let me tell you, IT IS!:
This post is so YELP! material. Maybe, I'll paste and copy it there. After all, I've been a Yelp member for quite sometime now, but appears to have nothing to say about all the places I could be reviewing. I'm getting capped for it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad Ramblings

I wrote this during my second year of college in Davis. I was not doing well in school and was incredibly homesick.

Sometimes, I ask myself why I am here. But, there has to
be a reason why God places me in certain situations. THERE
HAS TO BE A REASON. Either, to learn more about myself, to
learn to not give up, or to realize that no matter what,
life goes on. Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, it's
still difficult to be where I want to be. However, trials
and mistakes exist to teach lessons. Every unpleasant
thing that happens to someone should be taken as a
blessing because of the lesson learned. I have to accept
everything...every blessing, every hurt...everything!
Because if I don't, I'll be going against the flow of my
own path. Things happen for a reason. And with God's will,
everything is for my happiness.
It's one of the most heartfelt and honest things I voiced out. I vividly remember typing this. Reading this now, it really shows how sad I was. I don't regret my Davis experience. I learned so much, met amazing people, and really it taught me how important family is. But, Dorothy was so right. There is no place like home.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's when someone gets so awed by a song that it's on constant play. I'm sure it happens to everyone. I particularly want to think that I am special though. You see, I'm a "phase" person. I have phases when I get so totally obsessed with something and then voila! It just vanishes with no trace of special effects to even make me anticipate the end of it. Here are some songs that made my Songstruck list:

Oasis- Wonderwall-- I remember being 11 and being obsessed with this song. It was a constant argument with me and my cousin who would make it on the number one spot of the daily top ten of our favorite Philippine radio station. She loved "Waterfalls" by TLC. I mean, when did it ever make sense to compare Oasis and TLC?!?

Alanis Morissette- Ironic-- Admit it! You loved it too. At one point, the Jagged Little Pill album was my addiction. This is another of my childhood songs. My aunt and I would always go insane when the radio plays this.

Fra Lippo Lippi- Angel-- I was a huge Fra Lippo Lippi fan at the age of 11. I vividly remember calling pager operators in order to request this song to my favorite radio station in the Philippines; because at that time, pagers are the only way to do this and you have to dictate your message to some operator. The funniest thing is, they always asked me how to spell the group's name and I wouldn't know how. I was insanely obsessed with requesting this song, they rarely played it. Sometimes, I don't even know how I knew about this group, but they are so so awesome!

U2- Original of the Species-- I just love this song. It is so amazing. I love Bono's voice!

David Gray- This Year's Love-- This song floors me everytime. I heard this from the movie, Girl Next Door. I loved the movie, but the song more.

Eraserheads- Pare Ko-- Nothing beats the first single of the greatest rock and roll band of the Philippines. What can I say? This is my first exposure to the "Parental Advisory" sticker. I'm sure not just for me, but the whole Philippines. It was a huge deal! They said "Tang*na!" This was waaaay before my hip-hop phase. Eraserheads=childhood. I'm sure I share this with so many others. Life was simple back then in the PI eh?

Blackstreet- Don't Leave-- If I recall, this is the first song I got obsessed with here in the US. Then came the Puff Daddy songs...

Coldplay- Viva La Vida-- One of the most unbelievable songs that grazed my eardrums, credit to Doug's and Cheska's wedding vid.

Jack Johnson- Constellations-- I love the simplicity the song implies. You can imagine what he's singing about. This song always calms me down. It's my sleeping song.

Itchyworms- Loveteam-- I promise I don't love it just because Kim and Gerald is in the MV. Aren't the beginning chords exceptionally catchy?!? My sister hated me for putting this one on repeat.

Itchyworms- Akin Ka Na Lang-- MS knows about this one. I love this song's message!

Barbie Almalbis- Pag-alis-- This is one of the most beautiful Tagalog songs I've ever heard. It doesn't hurt that her voice is so hauntingly beautiful as well. I saw her live in one of her US shows. She was fantastic. She gave me one of her guitar picks. This video is kind of nice. I found it on youtube and it includes English subs. Coolness!

Lisa Loeb- Stay-- Okay, if you didn't like this song, you are to be diagnosed with absurdity. The Reality Bites Soundtrack was one of the best, hands down.

Wow...this posting is getting incredibly out of control. This is it for now. I enjoyed this though; a nice trip to memory lane. I'm sure I will be posting a Songstruck list part two in the near future. I am a serious music aficionado. From this post, I realized, 11 seems to be quite a significant age for my sense of hearing.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Better Late than Never!

My mom asked me to bring her to the mall this morning since there is some one day early bird morning sale going on in Macy's. For some reason, I was actually up for it. I figured I continue my Christmas shopping ASAP. See, the problem with "Christmas shopping" is that most of the time, I end up buying stuff for myself instead of other people; nothing extremely extravagant, but you know, little things. Today was good because I was able to check people of my list. The best part of today was H&M. A piece caught my eye! Hah! Jackpot! It's a Comme des Garcons piece! It looked like it will fit me, but I was a bit reluctant since it's a button up. Button ups and I don't get along too well. So, off I go to the dressing room. What do you know?!? It fits quite well. There was only one in that rack. It must have been a return or something. The universe has conspired! This is meant to be, my friend! To top it all of, I got to take a picture with this huge and cute Christmas Teddy!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Camwhores, Rejoice!

Sooo damn clever! U know u want it as much as me!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Haffy Annibersary!

Tomorrow is my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I am so in love with them. They can be the cutest thing, they can be the most annoying thing, but they are still my favorite! I somehow take my parents' relationship as a mold. I like it; though there are days when it's like "arrgghh." I believe in its normalcy. I love it when they make each other laugh. I will never forget when my mom told me about a time when she found my dad crying in his sleep. My mom asked him why he was crying. Apparently, he had a dream that my mom left him for a white guy. EL...OH...EL! My dad is ques-o! In all honesty, I don't have a gift for them yet. They deserve so much. I want them to go on a trip somewhere. However, my parents are a bit on the stubborn side. They love throwing house parties; they would so pick that over so many better things. I figure I will negotiate with them over dinner tomorrow. Even a place they would like to have dinner is a difficult decision for them. We still don't have a spot. They didn't appear as excited as me when I mentioned House of Prime Rib in SF. I figured, I let them choose. We'll see where we end up...I'm just hoping a change from the Pho place in A St. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I should have said "YES!" to the early cancellation call I got this morning from work. They didn't need me. We were overstaffed. The super nurse or maybe even the greedy part of me declines. I was overly convincing myself that it will be okay, and anyways I could really use the money this holiday season. BIG MISTAKE!!! Work was pure lunacy! Admission, blood transfusion, SNF transfer, leaking IVs, and yes even a patient of mine expired today (patient was considered hospice)...I went through it all. I almost cried at work today, in the middle of acknowledging a doctor's order or something. I'm writing this blog for my sanity; simply because I need an outlet. My job's unpredictability can get nerve wrecking, but somewhat makes work exciting, but I enjoy it. In all honesty, I think I'm pretty good at it. You can't please everybody, but I can tell that most of the patients I've handled truly appreciated the care I've provided. Today was a challenge. I always say though, the shift will end no matter what. All I can do is my best, really. It's chiz wiz, but it truly gets me through. Another day, another dollar...

MOOD:My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kill Mosquitos! Use a Kawtol!

Stumbled upon this...

I fairly remember seeing this when I was young (probably while watching a Purefoods or Ginebra game). It's an old commercial from the Philippines. It's pure greatness isn't it? Vintage TV is so damn awesome!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blah, Blah, Blog's Hip...

I love blogs! Here are some of my favs:


The blogger is from the Philippines. I enjoy her blog because she's very random. She talks about everything; from fashion, food she loves, showbiz intrigues, to her own quirky thoughts. She covers it all. The cool thing about her is that I don't get the impression that she denies her own "pinoyness." She seems open minded, the not so "yuck that's so baduy" type. But of course, these are all assumptions coming from mere thoughts of the blogger. She might just be the complete opposite. That's what makes it interesting doesn't it? I don't know...but I love her blog.


I love the bags she features. Her thoughts are quite interesting as well.


Rajo Laurel is a famous designer in the Philippines. I like his blog simply because he's interesting. Through the blog, you can decide if his thoughts are as great as his designs. He can be cheesy at times, with lines that includes "the soup was the kind that warms your heart" kind of lines, but all in all, I think it's worth the read.


Bianca Gonzalez- a host from, you guessed it, Philippines. I enjoy her blog because her interests are similar to mines. It seems that she's the type of gal, you'd love to hang out with. She seems very simple and very Filipino. When you read her blog, you can tell she's not "OA."


The blogger is obviously a traveler and a foodie. I love it. I must admit though that sometimes, I hesitate to read his blog because I get jealous most of the time.


Okay...the blogger is called Jane Aldridge. She's 16 and she's insane! Insanely obsessed with designer goodies. Makes you wonder how much her whole wardrobe cost. My goodness, when will she have a garage sale? I'm sure I'm not alone in this thought. Okay, here's a preview:

She wore this outfit to school for "free dress day"...enough said!


Bryanboy is so fierce! He insists that he's "so gay, he sweats glitter." You have to check this blog out. He's quite famous in Asia. He's been featured in some mag spreads as well. Marc Jacobs is a huge fan of his. Rumor has it that Marc Jacobs's BB bag was named after Bryanboy. The only thing I don't appreciate is that sometimes, I can tell he's not so into being Filipino and all...and you know I hate that. Otherwise, he's fabulosity!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The W!

This video screams, you ought to do it!

Cheska and Doug SDE from Jason Magbanua on Vimeo.

The couple in the video is Cheska Garcia and Doug Kramer. Cheska is a Filipino actress, while Doug is a basketball player. The video was done so so well. The music is perfect...so perfect that next thing I know, I was purchasing the Coldplay CD on iTunes. I don't think of my future wedding often, but my gosh...this sent me over the edge. I want this wedding videographer (Jason Magbanua) to do my wedding video when the time comes. I love the bride's look. It's not so typical bride look. Her wedding dress reminds me of one of the wedding dresses that Carrie Bradshaw tried on during her wedding photoshoot. Haaayyy...patience is a virtue. Geeerraaaallldd, hurry up!(LOL) A girl can dream right? (Pardon me, I am a bit on my delusional side today).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lovely Day... Lov-eh-ly day!

Upon hearing from MS about new stuff at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store the other night, I debated on visiting the store myself. Due to laziness, I was a bit hesitant. This morning, I got my always early phone call from EP (which, I always appreciate because I get to start my day early, no sarcasm here, promise--thanks Emski!). Don't know why, but she was totally getting my drift. She wanted to go to the city as well. So, off we go. On the way there, EP so loved the amazing weather that she decides to take me out to lunch in Sausalito (thanks, Emski part II). I must say, it is beautiful there! The weather was PERFECT! We had lunch at The Spinnaker. The view was fantastic and the lunch, delicious.

After our meal, we then proceeded back to the itinerary. We headed to the Fillmore for the MJ store, had our hot drinks from Bittersweet despite the hot weather, then downtown. The original plan of not taking too long in the city turned into a full blown day in SF. I had sooo much fun, though. I always enjoy EP's company. I was able to start on some Christmas shopping. I am quite excited with all this holiday shopping, mainly because this year, I can actually kind of handle the budget of buying presents for people. Yay! No boasting or anything...I'm just saying...I got a job and it's a good feeling to be able to share my blessings this holiday season.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's Get Amused!

This pretty much made my day:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

is B.U.M.M.E.D.

That scarf, belongs to mines and MS's neck! If only we weren't outlined by the die hard Comme des Garcons fans. I speak as if I lined up. I didn't. My cousin MS lined up, but I promise...I was there in spirit. I literally didn't pay attention to one of the lethal rhythms my instructor was explaining during my EKG class (no worries, I caught up later on...so patients...I got you!) Despite of MS not being able to get the scarf I wanted soooo badly, it's all good. I know she kept me in mind throughout her insane and somewhat dangerous time in H&M this morning. Actually, I was in contact with my cousin from NYC as well. I was hoping she can miraculously find me the scarf. It would have been perfect since she's coming to town this weekend. I rarely want things badly and this is one of those rare times. So, to the people who grabbed all of the scarves from the store, sell me one! But for now, I will have to settle my want for Uniqlo shirts. Whoa! It's one of those rare times...AGAIN!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

is learning how to "read" squiggly lines!

I am currently attending a 3 day long EKG class. Today was my first day. Though, I must admit, it's better than being on the hospital floor, I am hating it. My instructor today was somewhat amusing. He kept talking about how it is so damn precious for one to start a 401K. Apparently, the instructor feels that the topic is vital for determining if your patient is in normal sinus rhythm. He was going insanely fast as he lectured. I know, I can be slow sometimes, but I mean, give me a damn break! This is my first EKG class ever. The damn strips started to look like my 3 year old cousin, Michelle is starting to practice cursive as my instructor kept going, in lightning speed. I am in no mood to raise my hand and say something. Fine, I guess part of it is my fault. I should have said something. I was just not in the mood. So, at the moment, I am trying to self teach myself. Is it working? Uhhh... I gotta go!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

is also impulsive.

All I'm saying is that...one should not pass up a good deal. What can I say? It's been coming quite often...Is this good enough to back up my last post?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

is kuripot to herself.

Gone are the days when I dream of what I would buy with my first RN paycheck. Apparently, when you work your ass off for money, you get really quite possessive with it; at least when it comes to buying stuff for yourself. I must mention that I am not speaking for all hardworking human being out there. However, I do know quite a few who without hesitance buy things for others, but when it comes to themselves, it seems their favorite mantra becomes "Nah, I shouldn't." What is this phenomenon? Does it have a scientific name? Is it kindness? Unselfishness? Weirdness? What other -ness can you think of?

My money is blood and sweat, my friend. It's not easy money. However, when it comes to my family, there is no holding back. Forget me. I can take care of myself. My happiness is easily achieved, trust me. I always tell myself, my family's joy is my joy. Wow, do you literally see me curdling? Soon, I'll be a babybel waxed, wrapped, ready for your daily calcium need to be fulfilled. No, really I need some encouraging in treating myself to something nice once in a while. It's funny because there are some people who don't understand that I do have responsibilities. They think that I can totally handle buying myself something extravagant because they think that I can earn money easily. HUUUWAAAT?!? Where is Alex Trebeck? Can we get him to tell these people how wrong they are? I don't want to be a hypocrite and say that I totally deprive myself. You should listen to me when I fantasize about all the stuff I want to buy. All I'm saying is that, don't give me that "you have hella money" dialogue when I hold myself back with things because I am no heiress and I work hard for whatever I have. I'm saving for something
memorable...unforgetable...amazing...like hot tofu soup in Newark. No, just kidding. I have plans, but as what they say, patience is a virtue. Soon enough, I will be on my way to my Personal Legend. (Wow, so dramatic naman!!!)

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"--The Alchemist (Really? I hope my bank account will conspire with me soon...hehe)

Dang! I am just popping cheese flavored popcorn today!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

is a fan of Pinoy "thingys"

Pinoy nationalism at its best. I almost personify it. Well, hmm...sort of. I have a thing for stuff that represents the Filipino culture. The last time I went to the Philippines, my family was so amused by how much I loved this store and pretty much anything with Jose Rizal on it. Confused? Help yourself with some visuals. This is the Team Manila store in Rockwell, Makati. This has to be my favorite store in the Philippines. I wanted to buy everything! For one, you cannot find these here in the US. The nice thing about the store is that most of the designs are actually impressive. I find most of the designs to be clever, unique and even amusing. Check out some of my favorite designs below.

I purchased this watch when I was in the Philippines. I wanted the white one badly when it first came out around two years ago. Apparently, this is the new limited edition.

I love the mugs! Makes me want to have my 3 in 1 Nescafe!

Personally, some of the designs truly reminds me of home, which is Philippines and some takes me back to my childhood. I don't know, sometimes, I find myself asking why I have such a knack for these things. I almost feel like I'm in some secret club when I wear or use them. Can you imagine me when I was in the Team Manila store? I must have looked odd, grinning from ear to ear, eyes glazed, frantically grabbing everything. I bought a *LOT* of Jose Rizal stuff. I wanted to buy gift wrappers that are super unique, and Filipino, but my balikbayan box won't allow the extra baggage. What can I say? I am proud; proud of where I came from, of what made me. I guess, this is one of my odd ways of showing it. The cool thing is that, Team Manila just recently opened their online store. What sucks about it is that it literally has 6 shirts available for purchasing. What do I do? Of course I contact them asking when they're going to expand the merchandise on the online store? No reply as of yet. Check out their website:


So...who wants to join my secret club?

Monday, November 3, 2008

is a bright idea! Right?

I am attempting...attempting to find an outlet for my big mouth, bursting energy, and complete randomess. Apparently, my good friend, EP and I think that this is the way to go. We'll see about that. I am in no way trying to impress anyone. Yup, no award winning entries here. My grammar enough, gets me kicked to the curb. No worries! I do proudly consider myself a partly Americanized fob. Yeah, made that term up. I'm sure you'll get it as I make my progress. I can be odd. I mean c'mon, isn't my choice of picture and first topic choice a solid giveaway?