Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Addition

Decided to buy myself something nice...

All in all, this Carrera cost me $7... well... including some vintage GCs. That case got me. It's also super light. Aylavet!

The "it's about time" Rayban Wayfarers. This was a tough decision. I liked the oversized black ones as well, but ultimately decided to go for this one. It must have been that sleek case. 

Rayban's classic Aviators. I've been eyeing this one for a VERY long time. If I'm not mistaken since Sex and the City days. 

Ilagay na yang mga yan sa istante! 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Here Comes the Sun... then the Rain... then Sun Again... it's Alright...

ROQCHAMPLE out in the city...

It all started with a fabulous lunch at Limon.

The weather was weird; it couldn't make up its mind. But all in all, sun won.

We ended up having grand desserts at Ghiradelli Square. We all agreed, we deserved it.

The next stop was a visit to uncle MJ. I purchased my San Francisco towel and one more Maripol ring in black. And guess what! I talked to WhyB! She was *eeh* that day. The mini shopping continued to Urban Outfitters. I was engrossed on one of the photography books then eventually realized the damn thing was made for teenagers. No purchasing happened. But, mRoq and Cham bought stuff. You guys "deserve it!"

Right next door from UO was Patxi's  and guess what! It was HAPPY HOUR!!! So, the three of us ended up having a glass of pinot grigio. Had a pizza snack to pick on and Cham got her olives and we all got a nice view of our cute server. I can't wait to go back... well, assuming I will get the same table and server. He looks so much better in person...

Never a dull moment with mRoq and Cham. Truly, good times!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Glass Control

Dad was super nice for purchasing and setting this cabinet up for me.

 I'm a huge fan of sunglasses.

I want to add these to the collection:

 These are Marc Jacobs; it's one of my favorites. I have this in brown. I want it in black though. I love the black and white stripes on the side.

Carrera-- In yellow and brown.

A major splurge will be: