Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Killers!

This post is so late. Last April 19 I saw The Killers in concert. I wasn't planning on it, but who can turn down $20 tickets? Not me and Hec... so off we went. I am so glad we did because it was one of the best concerts everrrr! I may know every single song they sang, but they sang all the songs I want them to sing and that's what counts!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T'was a Green Day!

I love Green Day! I saw them, I believe 3 years in ago in SF during the American Idiot Tour. They were amazing! Last night, I was able to see them at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. My friend and I had floor tickets and the venue was really small. We were there at 6:30p, but the show did not start until 09:00p. Who cares?!? It was worth the wait. I was 10 feet away from the stage! They played their entire new album which remains unreleased (which sounds awesome). Then... they played the old songs... songs I knew!!! The mosh pit was right beside me. My friend and I were pretty much separated throughout the whole show because he was moshing and I was semi-moshing (for self-defense). Though, I must admit, I was pretty hyped when they started playing the songs I knew... head banging, jumping, singing, random flicks of my hand as if I'm playing the drums... yes it all occurred; no shame... it was freakin' fun! I swear, I wasn't the only one and I could have sworn I saw someone doing a modern-river dance in the middle of the pit. Now, that's the shit!Stared at this damn thing for two and a half hours.
We were going crazy at this point...
Rockstars and their appeal... I swear! aylavet!

I luuuuvvv him! 

Him too!
Bought a shirt... 

Free poster! 

One of the best concerts, hands down! Thanks for hooking me up with the tix, Hec!

For a more intimate feel of the experience, here's a short video I took using my phone...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pudge!

Pudge turns 3 today! Yay for our baby boy! 
Pudge loves the camera... most of the time. I think he's quite photogenic. Check out some of his "photoshoots."

Chrismas Photo 2008
That's his "JLo from the block" outfit
Adorable jumpers!
His "ewan" look
His first groom
Sexy pose
pink looks good on him
Pudge, patrolling the candy during Halloween
His 2nd Birthday- Out to Baker Beach
Pudge loves his MJ jersey!
Some silver vest


A few Pudge facts:
- He was given to us
- He's half poodle/Shitzu-- Shitpoo/pooshit-- no matter how you say it, it sounds bad. He's a cutie though. 
- We got his name from Lilo and Stitch. Do you remember "Pudge, the fish?"
- He sleeps on my parents' bed
- He likes to kiss 
- He's a spoiled brat

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tonight, I Give In...

I was just going to buy Pudge a birthday cake! But I must admit, I've been silently admiring. I was just going to take a peek... but I gave in. BAD! BAD! BAD

Now comes the justification:

I HAVEN'T BOUGHT ANYTHING "MAJAH" FOR MYSELF SINCE I BECAME A NURSE! Right? Well, remember the "I'm going to buy myself something nice after my first paycheck" statement? Anyways, I have two weeks to address any sudden doubts (which I don't have at the moment).

I remember someone telling me that I'm the type that will purchase something from the Sprouse collection. Who told me that? Ems? V4? Hehe... you guys know me so well. It's quite amusing.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Constellations By Dad

So, I come home from work... exhausted. I walk straight to the room and see this plastic star thing on my bed. My natural instinct tells me to look up....

And that is what I saw. Memories of my old room in Bayfair apartments come rushing in. I must say I was quite amused. This was all my dad's doing. He inherited this thing from my Grandma. He loves to move things around the house, decorate, clean, and repeat. You should see my garage. I guess he found these glow in the dark stars, his decorating mode kicked in and decided to put them up. So that's my view from my bed. I'm only hoping, no more falling stars that can fall straight into my throat and cause me to choke in the middle of the night. Well, as far as my knowledge goes, I sleep with my mouth closed.