Friday, May 21, 2010

Lucky, I'm in Love with My Best Friends...

Napa Valley, Viansa Winery-- A few years back; it's from 2006, assuming the date on the picture is correct.

Napa Valley, Viansa Winery-- May 16, 2010

The four of us have gone through so much. I find it amazing that our friendship is still going strong, but somehow, I know it will be no matter what. We can still finish each other's sentences, pile on the jokes only us four can understand, and we can still say that we are for life. God has been good to us. 

Jen is now married and both Emily and Ruchell is about to be. Time flies! But, I must admit I knew we will reach milestones like this together. I can't wait for more. There will come a time when we will tell our kids our stories in hopes to inspire them to find friendships like ours. 

Jen, Ruchell, and Emily... I ♥ you guys. 

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