Sunday, June 14, 2009


I took that photo above! 
Two weeks ago, a rarity has struck me; days off six days in a row. When such comes, my brain gets engulfed in many possibilites of what I can do. One of those possibilities pulled through, believe it or not. I went to New York City for a quick get away. I stayed with my cousin, Yvette and her boyfriend, Jem. They were so kind to take us around using Jessica. It was a blast. Of course, the trip consists of good food, good drinks, and good company.

Delicatessen is one of the places where good food graced our palette. It is located in SoHo. It's a nice spot; good food, DJ spinning nice beats, nice interior. We decided to have brunch there. After being fueled, we hit the stores for some shopping fix. SoHo is definitely one of my favorite spots when I'm in NYC. Uniqlo is always a pleasure to visit. I hate the fact that there's no store like Uniqlo here in the Bay area. Boo!  
Wait! Did I mention that Maria and Joseph were there too? Yes, the lovely couple were also in NYC. Actually, they had planned this trip even before me. As mentioned the "six day day off" came up and I was convinced to join them. No regrets, they are always great company. 

In Bleeker St. 
First pic was taken in Grand Central station. The second was taken from the Lever House. We were quite amused with the Hello Kitty fountains. Third was taken while we were having soju in Korea Town. It was so late already, but this is what's great in New York. There are so many venues where good times can happen. We had lychee and yakult soju. It was so good. C'mon, Yakult that can get u buzzed? It's a good thing. Last photo was from Delicatessen. 
I loooovvvee the Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity

Of course, partying is is involved. Jem and Yvette took us to a rooftop bar, which is 230 Fifth. It's a lounge, not much mandatory dancing involved. It's such a huge change for me in terms of the way we party here in SF. It's just chill, and that's exactly why I had such a great time. It's a natural flow, you know. You have a nice place, good drinks made with a heavy hand, and good conversation naturally flows. The drinks can get quite pricey here in 230 Fifth, but hell, I don't even remember how much Cape Cods I had that night. I was quite hammered though; must have been quite a few drinks I had. In contrast, I just feel like, the partying I do here in SF just takes too much work. I mean, I want to go out to relax and enjoy myself. But it seems, just preparing to go out here is already exhausting. I guess there goes the mystery as to why I don't go out much. The next night was great as well. Jem and Yvette took us to Stanton Social, which is once again involved the formula of good company, drinks, and good convo. It never fails, it was once again FUN! Both nights ended with Grays Papaya and man, that just takes it to another level. It's almost as good as having Osha after partying here in SF. Oh, the second night also involved White Castle. Good times, good times.

Good food is never a bad thing. The first and last photo was from Delicatessen. First is my perfect breakfast of Eggs Benedict and the last is truffle parmesan fries which was divine! The second photo is ramen from Mitsuwa which is this Japanese supermarket Jem and Yvette took us to. They have a food court with all authentic Japanese food! How amazing is that?!? The third pic is taho, purchased from Chinatown. 
The good thing about all of this is I was able to see my family as well. 

The trip was all in all fun. I wish for more times like this. I'm very vocal about my love to travel, and I truly believe that if time and budget allows it, travel is always something that needs to be considered. Travel quickies are a must! I can be all talk, I know, but sometimes, I pull through. I work hard, I play hard. Next, Philippines with the besties in September. 

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