Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jean Shock

Went to the city last Sunday and totally went jean crazy. It was a bargain though and so it leaves no excuse to refuse. Went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs shop in Fillmore. My goodness! I am totally in love with that store. It seems MJ and my bank account totally gang up on me when I am there. One of the highlights among my purchases was a light blue baggy jeans for $10. Yes! TEN DOLLARS! It fit quite well as well. I am happy with that one. Off to downtown! I was able to purchase two Levi's for $20 bux a pair. Hey! Levi's is classic and the fit was good. Lastly, went to Ruehl for a visit. Good fitting jean shorts are so hard to find, but I found 'em for $25. Yay! I guess my shopping for the Philippine wardrobe has started! I am so excited!

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MARIA Santiago said...

"no excuse to refuse" totally got me! it's just like our saying: "you deserve it" "you worked hard for it" hahahha!