Thursday, March 4, 2010

The M.J.L.A. (Marc Jacobs Love Affair) Accessories Edition

A certain attraction exist between me and Marc Jacobs... well, I really don't know how the latter feels, but I certainly am smitten!

I really like MJ. Before I go on, may I remind you that I am referring to Marc Jacobs not Michael Jackson. This is sometimes a huge factor as to why I don't buy some Marc Jacobs items that simply has MJ on it. I am afraid people will think I am paying tribute to the King of Pop. That's Chica down the drain...

I like how MJ is not too formal. I mean, he can be, but I love how he can be a bid edgy, fun, or funky, or just plain odd.

 I love Marc Jacobs's accessories; one of the main reasons is that they are actually affordable and quite fun.

This pirate one is definitely one of my favorites!

Isn't this the most random thing? I love it! If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's called Knockout!

I intend to collect them all. Eyeing the I Love New York next.

Yes, indeed it's a necklace!

I'm a big fan of these!

I am addicted to that spiky one. Actually, I wear it so much that it's starting to break on me. However, I do have another one "in stock" in my jewelry drawer somewhere.

I have a thing for watches...


I love my MJ earrings! Again... it's Marc Jacobs! Can you imagine if someone interpreted that as Michael Jackson? Oh yeah, I love my Michael Jackson earrings and it plays "Heal the World" when you rub your ear....

Don't get me wrong people, I like Michael Jackson; I am in love with Marc Jacobs!

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m.roq said...

you making me go down there and get em' all!