Friday, March 12, 2010

Pierce as in Fierce

Yesterday, was one of those rare days; me, Wendy, Chella, and Jen were all off.

We started our day with breakfast at Brenda's (thanks, Yelp).

A little shopping followed.

And then a random thought that we acted upon...

And there's the final product!

The thought of getting the piercing came up randomly. Someone said "let's do it... today!" and that's that.  It was Jen's birthday present from me. It was supposed to be Wendy's birthday present as well, but she got hooked up since one of the workers at the place is her friend. I've always wanted to get what I got, so I'm happy about it. We missed Emily. We kept wondering what she would have gotten pierced if she was with us. We showed it to her afterwards and she labeled us "crazy." I don't blame you, girl, we are and I love it!

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