Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Click Happy

I love taking pictures. A few birthdays back, my dad got me a Canon Rebel XTi as a present. I absolutely love it! Here a a few of my favorite shots and the stories behind each. 
"CITYLIFE" This picture was taken in NYC. I was actually in a moving car when I took it. I really like how the people in the picture came out a bit blurry. The picture gives a sense of "business." The clocks are a nice touch. 
THE PAINTED LADIES- The girls and I decided to take a random trip to SF and play tourist. 
"RED ON BLACK"- One of the first pics I took with my camera. This pic was taken in a Chinese restaurant where my family and I ate for my birthday. This was the same birthday when I got my camera.
"YELLOW CAB"- Taken in NYC. I love the "openness" of this pic. 
"THE MAN BEHIND THE SHOW" One of my absolute favorite shots. This was at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. That drummer plays many "drum roll" beats.
"FOOD COURT" This picture was taken in a food court in SF. I was just playing with my camera. I was in for a surprise because it came out to be quite a shot. 
THE GRAND CANYON- One of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. I especially like the contrast of the brown/red against the blue sky. 
"SUNSET IN THE CANYON" Taken from The Grand Canyon. Everyone was waiting for it. It was beautiful.
"GLASS IN THE CEILING" The famous glassworks at the ceiling of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. 
"DANCING WATER" I am in awe of the fountain show in Bellagio everytime I see it. 
"LV@NITE" If I remember it correctly, I took this photo while crossing the streets of Las Vegas...probably with a beer in hand. 
"SMILING SHELLS" Taken in Cebu, Philippines. This was part of lunch. 
"WATER ON THE ROCKS" Taken in SF after having champagne brunch in The Cliffhouse. The weather that day was absolutely fantastic. 

More to come...

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