Thursday, January 29, 2009

The "B" Word

One of my favorite places is no other than BORACAY, Philippines. I know, seem so typical for many Filipinos to love the place. If you think about it though, there ought to be a reason as to why it is loved by so many. Tons of weddings are held there. I myself would like to get married there for it is an amazing place. I was talking to EP the other day and we're talking about how beautiful the place is. We shared the feeling of questioning the reality of a place such as Boracay existing. You should know that one of the factors as to why I love it is that it is in the Philippines. It's definitely a place one can be proud of. Right now, there's no where else I'd rather be...
The picture above always takes my breath away. I took that pic without preparation. 
Puca Beach

The finest sand... It looks and feels like powdered milk.

Reef walking was fun, but got me a little nauseated maybe 'cuz it was high tide?

Station one

Uniqueness at its finest! Fresh coconut in the middle of the sea!
I had the greatest time!

Mango shake with clever packaging.

Fire and Water

I have ugly feet, but man...that water is unbelievable.
I like this picture.

And then comes the sunset...

I am hoping to go to the Philippines with some friends this year. Boracay will be one of the stops for sure. Haaayyy Bora...'till we meet again...


maria said...

this blog is just making me want to go there sooo freakin' bad! can you bring me?! promise i wont touch ge....;)

John Galt said...

Boracay is an awesome place! Its really one of the best beaches in Asia. :) The people are also lovely there and the resorts are great! Where do you usually stay when you go to Bora? To me, Fridays is just the best there.

Keep on.