Sunday, January 25, 2009

DeJa Vu of That One Post

I recently received a letter I wrote to myself back in 2002. I'm thinking this is one of the assignments I did in high school. It reads:

Dear Apple,Hey! Well, today is June 3, 2002. School's almost over and your handwriting didn't improve at all. I hope it did as of the time you receive this letter. As of this time, I hope you accomplished many things. I hope you have a job, and actually, I hope you actually have a boyfriend. Haha, how about your friends? You are still close to Voltes V, Huna, and Sherry, Chris, and Tina? Of course your bestfriend, Ruchell,- B, Besty, do you still talk to her the way you do? I hope so. Your high school was fun. I hope your relationship to V5 didn't change at all since you love them so much. Now, you're not so into things. You don't dress up much, eats a lot! Haha, I wonder if you're still the same. You're getting ready to head to Davis, getting ready to go to college. I hope you remained on the major you intended. I hope you're some scientist lady now, since I know you want that. Now, you don't have a job, are you getting paid well? Did you lose weight at all? Haha, I hope so. Mayan, you need to clean your car, your '97 Altima. Did you purchase your Accord yet? Navigator? Escalade? I hope you're not such a bum at your age now. I hope that you accomplished things, that's the bottom line. I hope you're taking care of your parents. You owe them! Okay, I'll let this go now. Take care and achieve your dreams! Love you, muah!-Apple

My present reply:Dear Apple,Not a lot has changed. However, I do want to assure you that you can relax because you actually did accomplish things. You're not some scientist who changed the world, but you are now a nurse (a nurse! Did you ever imagine that?) and you're making a difference in people's lives. You left Davis after two years because you got insanely homesick there. Though, you met some awesome people and you would not trade the experience for the world. Unfortunately, no boyfriend at the moment, but you're good because that's not a priority at the moment. Your sense of fashion is better, more open to things, but there's always room for improvement. You didn't end up with an Accord, but you're pretty happy about the car you drive now. Let's leave it at that. Your paychecks are adequate. God has been good to you because your friends remain. It can't be help that some things have changed, but you expected that right? Your life now is more complicated because as everyone knows, responsibilities increase with age. You're happy with the way things are now. Thanks for the letter because it paved the way for me to reflect. So, keep going. Never give up because the possibilities are endless...-Apple

P.S. Your handwriting is still pretty crappy and you still need to lose weight.

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maria said...

this is so "message in a bottle" how i want to find one...actually i used to write to myself, but the only difference is that i adored myself to much..."mae you're so pretty, the prettiest girl ever" stuff like that. never really wrote stuff for the future, which i should've and that is why i'm still in freakin' school ;(

-find more...find more letters, i'm inspired!