Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come to Mama!

12.1-Megapixel Camera features water, freeze and shockproof camera. Cool! This 12 megapixel camera has 3x optical Zoom lens, a 2.5" LCD and video recording capability(shoots 720p video). It is claimed to be waterproof up-to-33-feet deep, proof up to 14 degrees Fahrenheit and shockproof up-to-four feet. The PowerShot D10 IS Digital Camera will be available in early May for $330.  --

I can't wait! Me + Bora + this camera= AWESOMENESS! 

((Screeeech)) I know... it sounds impressive, but we'll never know. I have to make sure I review the return policy if I do buy it. You gotta love America!


MARIA said...

im in love

Emski said...

omg i want this too!!! its a canon!!