Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jipped or Not Jipped?

So, I was in Japan Town the other day. I was in the bookstore and was planning to buy the ever so awesome JJ mag. Browsed through it for 5 minutes... nothing catches my eye... didn't buy it. The judgement was solely based on pictures. It's quite unfortunate, but I can't read Japanese. 'But wait... is that Marc Jacobs I see? Oh, yes it is!' So it came in this weird box thing. 

Apparently, it is a book of MJ's 2008 spring/summer collection. It's actually really cool. Despite of the book featuring last year's collection, it still shows awesome stuff, meaning stuff I won't mind having, like, now! 'Hold on! It comes with a bag!?' So that definitely caught my eye. The bag it came with I thought, was quite cute. 

So, I contemplate, and contemplate. I mean it's last year's collection... but I like the "free" bag! Can you guess the verdict? Yes, I bought it! It was $20! Okay, now am I justified? Whatcha think? Was it worth it? For me, well yes! MJ for $20? It comes hand in hand with "DUH!" Anyways... I love the bag.


MARIA said...

sOOoooo freakin' awesome! they always have mj stuff at that bookstore.

Emski said...