Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tonight, I Give In...

I was just going to buy Pudge a birthday cake! But I must admit, I've been silently admiring. I was just going to take a peek... but I gave in. BAD! BAD! BAD

Now comes the justification:

I HAVEN'T BOUGHT ANYTHING "MAJAH" FOR MYSELF SINCE I BECAME A NURSE! Right? Well, remember the "I'm going to buy myself something nice after my first paycheck" statement? Anyways, I have two weeks to address any sudden doubts (which I don't have at the moment).

I remember someone telling me that I'm the type that will purchase something from the Sprouse collection. Who told me that? Ems? V4? Hehe... you guys know me so well. It's quite amusing.


MARIA Santiago said...

ballin' lovin' the color ;-D

Emski said...

wow! yay! sooo you!