Wednesday, April 15, 2009

T'was a Green Day!

I love Green Day! I saw them, I believe 3 years in ago in SF during the American Idiot Tour. They were amazing! Last night, I was able to see them at the Fox Theatre in Oakland. My friend and I had floor tickets and the venue was really small. We were there at 6:30p, but the show did not start until 09:00p. Who cares?!? It was worth the wait. I was 10 feet away from the stage! They played their entire new album which remains unreleased (which sounds awesome). Then... they played the old songs... songs I knew!!! The mosh pit was right beside me. My friend and I were pretty much separated throughout the whole show because he was moshing and I was semi-moshing (for self-defense). Though, I must admit, I was pretty hyped when they started playing the songs I knew... head banging, jumping, singing, random flicks of my hand as if I'm playing the drums... yes it all occurred; no shame... it was freakin' fun! I swear, I wasn't the only one and I could have sworn I saw someone doing a modern-river dance in the middle of the pit. Now, that's the shit!Stared at this damn thing for two and a half hours.
We were going crazy at this point...
Rockstars and their appeal... I swear! aylavet!

I luuuuvvv him! 

Him too!
Bought a shirt... 

Free poster! 

One of the best concerts, hands down! Thanks for hooking me up with the tix, Hec!

For a more intimate feel of the experience, here's a short video I took using my phone...