Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Constellations By Dad

So, I come home from work... exhausted. I walk straight to the room and see this plastic star thing on my bed. My natural instinct tells me to look up....

And that is what I saw. Memories of my old room in Bayfair apartments come rushing in. I must say I was quite amused. This was all my dad's doing. He inherited this thing from my Grandma. He loves to move things around the house, decorate, clean, and repeat. You should see my garage. I guess he found these glow in the dark stars, his decorating mode kicked in and decided to put them up. So that's my view from my bed. I'm only hoping, no more falling stars that can fall straight into my throat and cause me to choke in the middle of the night. Well, as far as my knowledge goes, I sleep with my mouth closed.

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