Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Pudge!

Pudge turns 3 today! Yay for our baby boy! 
Pudge loves the camera... most of the time. I think he's quite photogenic. Check out some of his "photoshoots."

Chrismas Photo 2008
That's his "JLo from the block" outfit
Adorable jumpers!
His "ewan" look
His first groom
Sexy pose
pink looks good on him
Pudge, patrolling the candy during Halloween
His 2nd Birthday- Out to Baker Beach
Pudge loves his MJ jersey!
Some silver vest


A few Pudge facts:
- He was given to us
- He's half poodle/Shitzu-- Shitpoo/pooshit-- no matter how you say it, it sounds bad. He's a cutie though. 
- We got his name from Lilo and Stitch. Do you remember "Pudge, the fish?"
- He sleeps on my parents' bed
- He likes to kiss 
- He's a spoiled brat

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Emski said...

happy birthday pudge, you are so camera friendly!!