Friday, December 5, 2008

Better Late than Never!

My mom asked me to bring her to the mall this morning since there is some one day early bird morning sale going on in Macy's. For some reason, I was actually up for it. I figured I continue my Christmas shopping ASAP. See, the problem with "Christmas shopping" is that most of the time, I end up buying stuff for myself instead of other people; nothing extremely extravagant, but you know, little things. Today was good because I was able to check people of my list. The best part of today was H&M. A piece caught my eye! Hah! Jackpot! It's a Comme des Garcons piece! It looked like it will fit me, but I was a bit reluctant since it's a button up. Button ups and I don't get along too well. So, off I go to the dressing room. What do you know?!? It fits quite well. There was only one in that rack. It must have been a return or something. The universe has conspired! This is meant to be, my friend! To top it all of, I got to take a picture with this huge and cute Christmas Teddy!

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M.A.E. said...

very lucky ahh! it's meant to be =)