Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's when someone gets so awed by a song that it's on constant play. I'm sure it happens to everyone. I particularly want to think that I am special though. You see, I'm a "phase" person. I have phases when I get so totally obsessed with something and then voila! It just vanishes with no trace of special effects to even make me anticipate the end of it. Here are some songs that made my Songstruck list:

Oasis- Wonderwall-- I remember being 11 and being obsessed with this song. It was a constant argument with me and my cousin who would make it on the number one spot of the daily top ten of our favorite Philippine radio station. She loved "Waterfalls" by TLC. I mean, when did it ever make sense to compare Oasis and TLC?!?

Alanis Morissette- Ironic-- Admit it! You loved it too. At one point, the Jagged Little Pill album was my addiction. This is another of my childhood songs. My aunt and I would always go insane when the radio plays this.

Fra Lippo Lippi- Angel-- I was a huge Fra Lippo Lippi fan at the age of 11. I vividly remember calling pager operators in order to request this song to my favorite radio station in the Philippines; because at that time, pagers are the only way to do this and you have to dictate your message to some operator. The funniest thing is, they always asked me how to spell the group's name and I wouldn't know how. I was insanely obsessed with requesting this song, they rarely played it. Sometimes, I don't even know how I knew about this group, but they are so so awesome!

U2- Original of the Species-- I just love this song. It is so amazing. I love Bono's voice!

David Gray- This Year's Love-- This song floors me everytime. I heard this from the movie, Girl Next Door. I loved the movie, but the song more.

Eraserheads- Pare Ko-- Nothing beats the first single of the greatest rock and roll band of the Philippines. What can I say? This is my first exposure to the "Parental Advisory" sticker. I'm sure not just for me, but the whole Philippines. It was a huge deal! They said "Tang*na!" This was waaaay before my hip-hop phase. Eraserheads=childhood. I'm sure I share this with so many others. Life was simple back then in the PI eh?

Blackstreet- Don't Leave-- If I recall, this is the first song I got obsessed with here in the US. Then came the Puff Daddy songs...

Coldplay- Viva La Vida-- One of the most unbelievable songs that grazed my eardrums, credit to Doug's and Cheska's wedding vid.

Jack Johnson- Constellations-- I love the simplicity the song implies. You can imagine what he's singing about. This song always calms me down. It's my sleeping song.

Itchyworms- Loveteam-- I promise I don't love it just because Kim and Gerald is in the MV. Aren't the beginning chords exceptionally catchy?!? My sister hated me for putting this one on repeat.

Itchyworms- Akin Ka Na Lang-- MS knows about this one. I love this song's message!

Barbie Almalbis- Pag-alis-- This is one of the most beautiful Tagalog songs I've ever heard. It doesn't hurt that her voice is so hauntingly beautiful as well. I saw her live in one of her US shows. She was fantastic. She gave me one of her guitar picks. This video is kind of nice. I found it on youtube and it includes English subs. Coolness!

Lisa Loeb- Stay-- Okay, if you didn't like this song, you are to be diagnosed with absurdity. The Reality Bites Soundtrack was one of the best, hands down.

Wow...this posting is getting incredibly out of control. This is it for now. I enjoyed this though; a nice trip to memory lane. I'm sure I will be posting a Songstruck list part two in the near future. I am a serious music aficionado. From this post, I realized, 11 seems to be quite a significant age for my sense of hearing.

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placidian said...

The Barbie Almalbis song is gorgeous, and it is very helpful to see the English subtitles. =)

(I found your blog doing a Google search for Barbie)