Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I'm never good at keeping new year's resolutions, but I'm very good in thinking of them. I think last year, mines was to eat more fruits. I did eat more, but eat more of everything, not just fruits. Yup, disaster, I tell yah! I think this year, I will keep it simple. I don't even know if I should call these "plans" of mines as resolutions. I think it's more of what I want to ideally do this coming year. Wait, is that the same as a new year's resolution then? Oh, well.

I hear a lot of buzz about feeling the recession more this coming 2009. Because of that, one of my resolutions/plans is to try to really save up. I'm getting a bit *scared* with all this economic threats we're having. I can't be working my butt off, but not see my bank account making progress.

I think another important one I should keep in mind this coming year is to be more confident. I lack that. I admit it. Sometimes, I can be quite good in "camouflaging" that, but it's true. I need to work on this, most especially when it comes to my work. I can't let people put me down. So, this year, I will work on being more of a bitch! Well, you know what I mean? Not a bitch, bitch, but you know, a hint of a bitch in my character.

Oh, yeah and then there's the fitness part. Wait, what is that word again? Yeah, maybe be friends with exercise again, after all, I'm not getting any younger. Sooner or later, I'm sure I'll be starting on some maintenance Lipitor or something, but I don't want to start THAT soon.

This coming year, I want to start looking for some schools. I want to go back and get my masters. I can't be on the floor forever and I want to teach. I have a knack in teaching, I think. Part of my 2009 plans is of course to travel. We'll see where 2009 will take me, but I will NEVER say no to Philippines. It's home.

((Sigh)) here I go again...yadda, yada, yada. I can be such an "alltalker." I warn you, don't dodge me if none of this so called 2009 plans pull through, but cheer me on, yah?

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