Monday, March 30, 2009

Closet/Room Shopping

My mom is great. She's my personal shopper. There are countless times when she will go home from the mall with a bagful of clothes for me. She believes that I don't use my full fashionista potential. She then attempts to squeeze this so-called "potential" out of me by encouraging me to splurge on clothes or by purchasing clothes for me.  I get lazy quite frequently, so most of the time, when either my mom and I buy clothes for me, I seldom end up placing the shopping bag in one corner; forgetting that a new piece of clothing was left abandoned.  
My mom and I were rummaging around my room the other night; opening shopping bags with unknown things in them and look what I found:

Untouched, brand new clothes; some purchased by me, some by my mom. Ha! I feel like I just went on a shopping "SFREE!" 


MARIA Santiago said...

what the heck apple!!! you need to start wearing those outfits ;) talkin' bout i dont have anything to wear..t.zeny is a fashionista mum ;)

RucheLL said...

i agree with maria!! you better use them!!