Monday, March 16, 2009

Nike Logo it Out

Apparently, pretty much my whole vacation that I filed for this year was approved by my boss. Eh, maybe he didn't approve one or two days here and there but, I feel confident that it shouldn't be a problem. My "Hello, Philippines... again" moment is closer to realization. I was able to chat with my cousin, Tan from the Philippines today for a good while. I told him the news about the approved vaca. He told me about a few places in PI I should look up on the internet; some places I may be interested in. 

Elephant Island:
This island, according to my cousin attempts to mimic or give the impression of ala Greece, Santorini. This is the only decent picture I can find on the internet. It sounds like a cool place though. Hmm... that island does look like an elephant lying on its side, doesn't it?

Eskaya Beach Resort in Bohol

It looks beautiful! But, I heard it's a bit pricey. But to be able to relax in a place like that should be amazing. It sure would beat my hospital shifts!

Of course, there are the new "super clubs" around. He told me to check these two out:

Club Bureau

Club Manor in Libis
Tan told me that despite all these new places, the good ol' Embassy is still a hot spot. 

For all I know, these places are hella old already, but to me they are new. The fact that I may be possibly setting foot back home again excites me. What will make this trip more special is the fact that I am going with my friends. I'm really hoping that it pulls through. I'm long overdue for some major R&R.

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