Thursday, March 12, 2009


If you don't know by now, I am an avid fan of TFC (that is The Filipino Channel to you). I am a "phase" kind of person. I have my weird phases. Let's see... my past phases included  The OC, G-shocks, K-pop, Lacoste shirts, Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga... yada yada yada. I'm afraid to go on because I think I'm starting to scare you. Though, I will now admit to my current "phase." 

((ahem)) Hi, I'm Apple and I am a KIMERALD addict... 
Yes, no other than Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. Kim+Gerald= KIMERALD. 

I saw them in person when I went to the Philippines last year. They were right in front of me, but my mouth uttered no words because I was starstruck. Kim is very pretty and Gerald is soooo good looking. Here's a photo I took during the show:
I just like their chemistry. Nakakakilig sila! There is no other way to put it. I don't know how to say NAKAKAKILIG in English. That word was born Tagalog. I am addicted to their soap, Tayong Dalawa. It's definitely my stress reliever. Wait... let's pause. Am I "weirding" you out yet? Yes? Okay, good, that's the point. I will make this all valid with three words: GERALD ANDERSON'S HOTNESS!

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MARIA said...

i'm in l<3ve!!!! he's the man....