Sunday, February 7, 2010

ProdLove at First Sight

It's my weekend off (can I get a woo-hoo?) WOO-HOO! I just saw ASAP Xv. It's their 15th year anniversary this week and it was fantastic. However, I can't seem to get over how impressive this prod was. The music was absolutely perfect. I love how they skillfully position themselves on those frames. The moves were so apt to the beat (for example: the "scissor feet" move).

The fact that Kim and Ge are both in the prod was a bonus. 

Look, I am not saying this is the new Cirque de Soleil; I just think it's clever and well done. Well, Jake was a bit awkward in the beginning, but let's cut him some slack. Ok, enough blabber. Watch it. Now na!

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