Sunday, February 14, 2010

Starring: The Vintage GC and the Perfect Day

I graduated last June 2008 and MS gave me the best gift. She gave me a gift certificate for a full body massage. I remember being ecstatic! I mean, for goodness gracious, who doesn't LOVE a massage? I was so excited to use it! Then comes 2010 and it's still unredeemed by me.

I really don't know why I didn't use it sooner, but most likely, the NCLEX was the culprit. Damn, you NCLEX! But, I passed it, so no grudge. Now, listen. I USED THE SACRED VINTAGE GC LAST WEDNESDAY! 

... and it was HEAVEN!

My goodness, it was just what I needed. I came out of that damn place a new person... well, an oily ass new person. Oily, solely because the massage is not a dry one. Is it me or no matter how I justify the "oily" part... it just doesn't sound right? Ah, whatever, it felt good. Sue me! (or, just clear that gunk off your head... or should I do that?) Ok... moving on to my perfect day.

The Kabuki Spa is located around Japan Town so the next thing I did was...

Oh, yes... 

Blue Bottle Mocha! Oooo... what's the design on my drink? Looks like a seahorse? Fallopian tubes? Camel? Marcelo del Pilar's mustache? Hmm... I'm stumped.  After two minutes of silent thoughts about what the pattern is, I eventually gave up and my lips met delicious!

Oh, let's do a rewind to further proof that my last Wednesday was indeed a perfect day.

I went to San Francisco extremely early. Well, I got there at 0900. Hey, that is extreme! Candice, Charmagne, Heather, Maria, and I went to breakfast at...

Dotties is very popular in SF; I found out why.

Corn bread with jalapeno jelly was delish!

This was perfect. Poached eggs never fail!

 Such great company!

After breakfast, Candice, Charmagne and I watched a movie! It was a blast! Then, if you want to know what happened after the movie, just read the beginning of this post again. A day off well spent! Thanks, ladies *muah!

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m.roq said...

HAHHAHAH "oily" parang mantika! Wow the vintage GC finally redeemed.