Thursday, November 13, 2008

is B.U.M.M.E.D.

That scarf, belongs to mines and MS's neck! If only we weren't outlined by the die hard Comme des Garcons fans. I speak as if I lined up. I didn't. My cousin MS lined up, but I promise...I was there in spirit. I literally didn't pay attention to one of the lethal rhythms my instructor was explaining during my EKG class (no worries, I caught up later patients...I got you!) Despite of MS not being able to get the scarf I wanted soooo badly, it's all good. I know she kept me in mind throughout her insane and somewhat dangerous time in H&M this morning. Actually, I was in contact with my cousin from NYC as well. I was hoping she can miraculously find me the scarf. It would have been perfect since she's coming to town this weekend. I rarely want things badly and this is one of those rare times. So, to the people who grabbed all of the scarves from the store, sell me one! But for now, I will have to settle my want for Uniqlo shirts. Whoa! It's one of those rare times...AGAIN!

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M.A.E. said...

i was seriously just eyeing on that scarf...too bad the manequins were freakin' high!!!