Tuesday, November 11, 2008

is learning how to "read" squiggly lines!

I am currently attending a 3 day long EKG class. Today was my first day. Though, I must admit, it's better than being on the hospital floor, I am hating it. My instructor today was somewhat amusing. He kept talking about how it is so damn precious for one to start a 401K. Apparently, the instructor feels that the topic is vital for determining if your patient is in normal sinus rhythm. He was going insanely fast as he lectured. I know, I can be slow sometimes, but I mean, give me a damn break! This is my first EKG class ever. The damn strips started to look like my 3 year old cousin, Michelle is starting to practice cursive as my instructor kept going, in lightning speed. I am in no mood to raise my hand and say something. Fine, I guess part of it is my fault. I should have said something. I was just not in the mood. So, at the moment, I am trying to self teach myself. Is it working? Uhhh... I gotta go!

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