Thursday, November 6, 2008

is a fan of Pinoy "thingys"

Pinoy nationalism at its best. I almost personify it. Well, hmm...sort of. I have a thing for stuff that represents the Filipino culture. The last time I went to the Philippines, my family was so amused by how much I loved this store and pretty much anything with Jose Rizal on it. Confused? Help yourself with some visuals. This is the Team Manila store in Rockwell, Makati. This has to be my favorite store in the Philippines. I wanted to buy everything! For one, you cannot find these here in the US. The nice thing about the store is that most of the designs are actually impressive. I find most of the designs to be clever, unique and even amusing. Check out some of my favorite designs below.

I purchased this watch when I was in the Philippines. I wanted the white one badly when it first came out around two years ago. Apparently, this is the new limited edition.

I love the mugs! Makes me want to have my 3 in 1 Nescafe!

Personally, some of the designs truly reminds me of home, which is Philippines and some takes me back to my childhood. I don't know, sometimes, I find myself asking why I have such a knack for these things. I almost feel like I'm in some secret club when I wear or use them. Can you imagine me when I was in the Team Manila store? I must have looked odd, grinning from ear to ear, eyes glazed, frantically grabbing everything. I bought a *LOT* of Jose Rizal stuff. I wanted to buy gift wrappers that are super unique, and Filipino, but my balikbayan box won't allow the extra baggage. What can I say? I am proud; proud of where I came from, of what made me. I guess, this is one of my odd ways of showing it. The cool thing is that, Team Manila just recently opened their online store. What sucks about it is that it literally has 6 shirts available for purchasing. What do I do? Of course I contact them asking when they're going to expand the merchandise on the online store? No reply as of yet. Check out their website:

So...who wants to join my secret club?

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