Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lovely Day... Lov-eh-ly day!

Upon hearing from MS about new stuff at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store the other night, I debated on visiting the store myself. Due to laziness, I was a bit hesitant. This morning, I got my always early phone call from EP (which, I always appreciate because I get to start my day early, no sarcasm here, promise--thanks Emski!). Don't know why, but she was totally getting my drift. She wanted to go to the city as well. So, off we go. On the way there, EP so loved the amazing weather that she decides to take me out to lunch in Sausalito (thanks, Emski part II). I must say, it is beautiful there! The weather was PERFECT! We had lunch at The Spinnaker. The view was fantastic and the lunch, delicious.

After our meal, we then proceeded back to the itinerary. We headed to the Fillmore for the MJ store, had our hot drinks from Bittersweet despite the hot weather, then downtown. The original plan of not taking too long in the city turned into a full blown day in SF. I had sooo much fun, though. I always enjoy EP's company. I was able to start on some Christmas shopping. I am quite excited with all this holiday shopping, mainly because this year, I can actually kind of handle the budget of buying presents for people. Yay! No boasting or anything...I'm just saying...I got a job and it's a good feeling to be able to share my blessings this holiday season.

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M.A.E. said...

i can't believe you were out here for a whole entire day!- you must come down again..when it's colder and let's do our hot cocoa night =)
thanks! for the bittersweet btw.