Saturday, November 8, 2008

is kuripot to herself.

Gone are the days when I dream of what I would buy with my first RN paycheck. Apparently, when you work your ass off for money, you get really quite possessive with it; at least when it comes to buying stuff for yourself. I must mention that I am not speaking for all hardworking human being out there. However, I do know quite a few who without hesitance buy things for others, but when it comes to themselves, it seems their favorite mantra becomes "Nah, I shouldn't." What is this phenomenon? Does it have a scientific name? Is it kindness? Unselfishness? Weirdness? What other -ness can you think of?

My money is blood and sweat, my friend. It's not easy money. However, when it comes to my family, there is no holding back. Forget me. I can take care of myself. My happiness is easily achieved, trust me. I always tell myself, my family's joy is my joy. Wow, do you literally see me curdling? Soon, I'll be a babybel waxed, wrapped, ready for your daily calcium need to be fulfilled. No, really I need some encouraging in treating myself to something nice once in a while. It's funny because there are some people who don't understand that I do have responsibilities. They think that I can totally handle buying myself something extravagant because they think that I can earn money easily. HUUUWAAAT?!? Where is Alex Trebeck? Can we get him to tell these people how wrong they are? I don't want to be a hypocrite and say that I totally deprive myself. You should listen to me when I fantasize about all the stuff I want to buy. All I'm saying is that, don't give me that "you have hella money" dialogue when I hold myself back with things because I am no heiress and I work hard for whatever I have. I'm saving for something hot tofu soup in Newark. No, just kidding. I have plans, but as what they say, patience is a virtue. Soon enough, I will be on my way to my Personal Legend. (Wow, so dramatic naman!!!)

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"--The Alchemist (Really? I hope my bank account will conspire with me soon...hehe)

Dang! I am just popping cheese flavored popcorn today!

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